Policy & Procedures

COVID-19 Policy & Procedures

Enhanced Environmental Cleaning and Disinfecting

Enhanced Toy Cleaning and Disinfecting

Managing Staff Absences During a Pandemic

Revised Health Screening Policy and Procedure

Centre & Ministry Required Policies

  1. Air Circulation Policy and Procedure
  2. Accessibility in the Workplace under AODA Policy and Procedures
  3. Administration of Medication Policy and Procedure
  4. Allergy Posting Policy and Procedure
  5. Anaphylaxis Policy and Procedure
  6. Animal, Reptile and Amphibian
  7. Bias Free and Equity
  8. College of ECE Status & Standing
  9. Child Abuse Prevention
  10. Child Accommodation Policy and Procedure
  11. Confidentiality Agreement
  12. Diapering and Toileting
  13. Electronic Monitoring of Employees Policy
  14. Environmental Cleaning and Disinfecting
  15. Exclusion of Sick Children
  16. Expressed Breast Milk
  17. Field Trip
  18. Fire and Emergency Management Policy and Procedure (Orde Site)
  19. Fire and Emergency Management (Satellite Site)
  20. Food Safety and Safe Water Practice Policy and Procedure
  21. Fundraising
  22. Gardening
  23. Hand Hygiene
  24. Health and Safety Handbook July 2023
  25. Health and Safety Policy
  26. Human Biting
  27. Individualized Support plans and inclusive programming Policy and Procedure
  28. Infant Room Seating
  29. Infant Room Sleep Room
  30. Infant Room Stroller
  31. Lockdown
  32. Laundry Policy and Procedure
  33. Management and Reporting of Communicable Diseases
  34. Management of Outbreaks Policy and Procedures
  35. Management of Immunization Records and Information
  36. Monitoring Compliance and Contraventions
  37. New Child Orientation
  38. Occupational Health and Safety Policy and Procedure
  39. Occupational Health and Safety Policy for Employees working with Children with Risk of Injury Behaviour
  40. Orde Daycare Health Policies & Procedures
  41. Orde Daycare Fraud Detection & Prevention
  42. Parent Issues & Concerns
  43. Pest Control
  44. Playground Safety Policy and Procedure
  45. Program Statement
  46. Provincial Wage Enhancement Grant Policy and Procedure
  47. Positive Interactions and Prohibitive Practices Policy
  48. Referrals to Outside Agencies
  49. Resolving Conflict and Creating a Respectful Workplace Policy and Procedure
  50. Respiratory Etiquette
  51. Reimbursement Policy and Procedure
  52. Revised Transition Policy
  53. Right to Disconnect Policy and Procedure
  54. Safe Arrival and Dismissal Policy and Procedure
  55. Serious Occurrence Policy and Procedure
  56. Staff Absence Policy and Procedure
  57. Staff training and development policy
  58. Substance Impairment in the Workplace
  59. Supervision of Volunteers and Placement Student
  60. Supervision Plan for Basement Washrooms
  61. Transition Policy
  62. Toddler Room Stroller Procedure
  63. Toddler Preschool Sleep Room Procedure
  64. Toy Cleaning Disinfecting and Sensory Play Policy and Procedure
  65. Visiting Animal Policy and Procedure
  66. Vulnerable Sector Screening Policy and Procedure
  67. Waiting List Policy and Procedure
  68. Workplace Accommodation
  69. Workplace Harassment Policy
  70. Workplace Violence Policy